Alastar improves the way people see, share, understand and react to complex situations on a daily basis and during disasters.

  • Forms
  • Dashboards
  • Alerts and Notifications
  • iOS and Android Mobile Applications
  • Streaming Video
  • Camera Wall
  • Planning and Execution
  • Navigation Tools
  • User actionable views of information
  • User Access and Security
  • Ability to publish GIS layers to HSIN
  • Data integration
  • Standard Views of Information
  • Weather information

Alastar increases the effectiveness of public safety personnel and first responders.

Alastar supports planning and execution of multi-agency public safety for events.Plan

Alastar allows participating agencies the ability to integrate operational planning. Users can pre-plan an event, share that plan with other agencies and then monitor the event.


This operational planning not only allows public safety agencies the ability to plan out an event but to prepare for any deviations or unexpected situations. In the case of a bomb threat, shooting or natural disaster, Alastar can respond with resource positions and create ingress/egress routes.


With Alastar keeping users one step ahead, largely-populated events anywhere from the size of a 5K to a parade can be planned and executed with full protection.

Alastar collects data from various feeds.

Alastar collects data from resources that you own and control, as well as from any other sources that you have access to. Alastar is easily configurable – you choose the data feeds you wish to draw from to gain the ‘big picture’ awareness you need to increase the effectiveness of your organization’s planning, execution and situational response.

The capability Alastar has to quickly identify, capture and display cameras increases response efficiency during an emerging incident. With Alastar Streaming Video, an agency or user does not need to own cameras in order to reap the benefits. Alastar can integrate agency-owned cameras, private industry- or business-owned cameras, and cameras from mobile devices. The accessibility to cameras on smartphones, tablets and drones allows for real-time streaming at a low cost while role-based access control gives administrators and authorized users the ability to share with those who need it. Multiple video feeds can be customized and displayed on a Video Wall, allowing for complete view coverage.

Alastar Forms not only make documenting findings easier and more efficient, but also help improve communication between users. As soon as a user in the field comes across an object of importance, they can open Alastar Forms and fill out the appropriate form with the information they have with the ablility to include photo attachments.

Alastar is able to collect data from a wide variety of resources to include:

  • Esri ArcGIS data layers
  • SQL views (Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, and Oracle)
  • GeoJSON
  • GeoRSS
  • Custom WebHooks

Weather is a collection of layers relating to weather, watches, and warnings. The Forecast section displays the current and future weather conditions for any location, including Humidity, Wind Speed, and Temperature, among others. A user can customize layers to be shown in the Forecast section for quick display.