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ALASTAR: Plan, Manage, Analyze Incidents



Quickly build a more efficient Incident Action Plan

Easy-to-use ICS system:

  • Auto-updates to multiple ICS forms based on inputs from a master document
  • Mapping capability with familiar icons showing resources
  • Autogenerated org charts and schedules based on input from other ISC forms



Share big picture awareness of complex, evolving situations

  • When and where needed info
  • Draws info from many feeds and brings order to complex and changing situations
  • Actionable info leads to informed effective decisions
  • Role-based, multiple devices, tracks resource locations/status, etc.



Build and share useful, complete incident reports

  • Documents all the complex actions and outcomes of situations
  • Helps inprove future response
  • Easy to make shareable reports
  • You control the amount of detail and format
  • Streamline FEMA reimbursements

A Better IAP System

Automated ICS forms help you consolidate and share all of the information you need so you can create a robust, user-friendly Incident Action Plan. Get immediate access to commonly-used ICS forms along with the tools you need to manage and fill them out.

  • Access all commonly-used ICS forms
  • Automatically share data between forms, preventing repetitive entry of the same information
  • Auto-fill previously entered information like names and addresses
  • Generate resource rosters and summaries of resources by agency, using information you’ve already entered in other forms
  • Eliminate the need for hand-drawn or cut-and-paste maps with an auto-generated, integrated mapping tool
  • Import lists of resources to quickly access the information
  • Generate organizational charts based on form content for better understanding of the roles, responsibilities and command structure
  • Disseminate the entire IAP or a single ICS form via online access, print or PDF

Real-time Awareness

Get information where and when you need it. Alastar puts all of your resource and location information into a comprehensive view so you can prioritize, coordinate, and effectively respond.

  • Dashboards: Gives you a clear and concise view from continuously updating data sources so you always have a handle on what’s going on
  • Alerts: Stay updated on specific events and activities through real-time alerts and notifications
  • Video: Access streaming video on any internet-connected device
  • Forms: Update forms on the go through your smartphone, tablet, or computer to improve communication between teams
  • Mobile: Accessibility on all mobile devices and GPS Tracker Application delivers a common operating picture to public safety officials and first responders where they are in real-time.

Meaningful Analytics

Get a clear picture of what’s happening and decide how best to respond.

You’ll understand changing situations and have the information you need to manage resources and coordinate effective responses. Real-time updates help you make decisions during the event for unexpected situations.

Alastar helps you quickly assemble all of the information you currently have access to and easily add additional resources as they become available. Incident reports capture complex actions and outcomes of situations. You control the amount of detail and format. Build and share incident reports, evaluate your response, and refine processes for future incidents. Stay one step ahead and increase your organization’s effectiveness in planning, awareness, and response.

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