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Alastar IAP Features

  • Streamlined solution for completing, updating and sharing the IAP
  • Easily disseminate the entire IAP, or a single ICS form, via online access, print or PDF
  • Control who has access to editing the IAP. Have multiple users editing various parts of the IAP at once
  • Increase productivity and eliminate duplicate data entry with automatic updates across forms when changes are made
  • Jump-start the creation of new Incident Action Plans through Alastar cloning and templating features
  • Ability to go from planning to execution in a single system

IAP Operational Periods

  • Ability to schedule and assign Operational Periods to an IAP which automatically creates applicable ICS forms for each Operational Period
  • Allows for ‘shift’ work to be assigned to keep the IAP organized and prevent duplicate information from being filled out


  • Get a bird’s-eye view of your incident containing personnel, staging and assignment locations, medical resources, critical infrastructure, and points of interest
  • Maps are dynamically generated from ICS forms
  • Ability to modify IAP staging locations and add points or custom shapes directly to the map


  • Provides a central location to store all department resources for use throughout all IAPs, to prevent the need for repetitive data entry from the user
  • Easily imports existing list of resources

Communication List

  • Consolidates all available contact information for easy access and reference
  • Easily disseminates contact information to those who need it most in an easy-to-use format

Communications Plan

  • Dictates communication channels and strategies among multiple divisions, teams, and single resources
  • Enables modification rights for completion of ICS form by responsible individual(s)

Medical Plan

  • Enter medical information once (hospitals, medical transportations, and other medical information) to have it readily available for all future IAPs without the need for repetitive manual entry
  • Ability to select hospital(s) or other available resource(s) to add to plan or create new entries directly in the IAP

Org Chart

  • Dynamically generates from data in ICS forms
  • Easily arrange layout to enhance view of command structure

Incident Management Board

  • Enables capture of ICS 214 activity log data in real-time from multiple users
  • Provides a real-time configurable view of all activity logs rolled up into a single dashboard